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I don’t know what it is about Japan and its language that I LOVE so much.

Whatever it is, I am—and have been for a long time—in complete fascination with it and for a while I studied a lot of Japanese, twice in the past (or what I call the “great periods of Japanese learning” [GPJL for short]: once around 2002 and a second time around 2017.

Like all Japanese language learners out there, I studied A LOT and for months and then I stopped—and yes, I have done that twice! Knowing how I approach things, I go ALL IN, I spent WAY too much time focusing on too many details, like how to write each and every kanji out there during my second wave of learning in 2017, and that ultimately wore me up.

See, I knew that knowing how to write each and every kanji I was learning was NOT the right thing to do (I should have listened to the advice I got from Niko from NativShark a few years ago).

Like a Japan native I started following on Twitter recently asserted regarding learning kanji in Japan:

My Japanese Calligraphy Practice

This post isn’t about what I did or didn’t do in the past (I will talk about that on another post as the 3rd “great period of Japanese learning” [GPJL for short] has already started!), but about a couple of calligraphy videos I recorded while I geeked out for HOURS—man, I honestly MISS those days!

So, without further ado, here there are for your enjoyment! ?

How to Write the Kanji for “Actress” in Japanese or 女優

First, let’s start with a short, short video showing you how to write the kanji for “actress” in Japanese:

How to Write the Kanji for “Love” in Japanese or 愛

Even though I practiced for SO many hours, I only recorded 2 videos from what I remember. Here’s the second one where I show how to write the kanji for “love” in Japanese:

What did you think? I think my calligraphy has improved over the past 2 years since I recorded these videos even though I have a long way to go!


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