Atomic Atsuki

Atomic Atsuki: Japanese-Inspired Clothing

I have been obsessed with business and entrepreneurship all my life. From an early age I had ideas and side businesses or “hustles” so I could successfully make money to help my mom with the groceries buy Nintendo video games. It was around when I was in my early 20s or so that my brother […]

Japanese Calligraphy Language Learning

Japanese Kanji Calligraphy Practice

I don’t know what it is about Japan and its language that I LOVE so much. Whatever it is, I am—and have been for a long time—in complete fascination with it and for a while I studied a lot of Japanese, twice in the past (or what I call the “great periods of Japanese learning” […]

Craft Beer

Lesson Learned: My BeerOwl Startup Project

I LOVE craft beer! BeerOwl was a project I created a few years ago sparking out of the love for this delicious drink—some wise men and women out there say it is what the Gods themselves drink! “I have been more successful thanks to what I went through to get this thing up and running!” […]


Hi! I Am Ellium Effect

Hello there and welcome! My name is Emilio López and I like to talk and write about a bunch of things including—but no limited to—travel, food, craft beer, anime, k-drama, languages, music, business, and humor! I also create Japanese-inspired clothing which you can check out at I hope to connect with all of you […]